Choreography has been presented by Tangente, New Dance Horizons,  The Vancouver International Dance Festival, Dancing on the Edge (7 seasons/20th Anniversary), Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival (10th Anniversary), Dance on the Saskatchewan, The Canada Dance Festival,  City on the Edge, Calgary Off The Edge, First Nations Fringe Festival, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Other presentations include Studio 303, Foufonne Electriques (Montreal), The Vancouver Fringe, The Montreal Firnge, The Firehall Arts Centre (Vancouver), Women in Crisis Fundraisers, and various other independent theaters across Canada and the UK.

Choreography commissions include The Spirit Song Native Theatre Company, The University of Colchester, and The Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan. Other presentations include plays and musicals in London’s Off-West-end (Boys in the Bar), UK, Australia and various films and videos, including Much Music Canada.

Dance Companies Ms. Rose has performed with include Kokoro Dance, Mascall Dance, La Compaigne de Monique Giard, Mappin Dance, Haraupin Hai, THEVARS, DtDE, and The William Louther Dance and Theatre Corporation.  Karen has also worked with many notable independent choreographers, directors and artists.

On the theatre stage she has performed roles from Chekhov to Shakespeare to Tremblay to comedy improv, and has directed, including “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.”

Film lead roles include ‘3 Days’ and ‘Travesty Towers.’ Other films, video, and commercials have also played a role in her repertory. Voice Training include work with Cicely Berry (RSC), Patsy Rodenburg (RNT), and The National Voice Intensive.

As a teacher, Karen had taught technique, improv, and composition across Canada, including the University of Waterloo, DtDE, Dance Core (NDH), and the Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan.

“Company Karen Rose exists to serve, reflect and portray humanity.  It is not art for art’s sake, but an exploration of the human condition.  My commitment to dance is a life long process of embracing and revealing the terrible beauty of humanity. I believe than an artist has a responsibility to challenge an audience to feel and think deeply about themselves, their society and their world.  It is necessary to confront, stir and shake. Our vision is to evoke thought and understanding, instil change, and hopefully, to inspire.

In my choreographic work, there exists a strong, seamless integration of theatre and dance. Whether the work contains text, or only dance, the movement is internally motivated, and emotionally based . The emotion drives the movement, gestures and expression. It is the distillation of raw emotion, as my dancers are striped bare of any artificial empty gestures, steps and movement. The dancers have a strong emotional life, an active interior landscape, and move only from a source of internal truth.  Working this way the physical language becomes part of their being, every sinew and every fibre.  The dancers do not move without the vocabulary’s is in their blood and their breath.

My dancers have what my choreography requires - presence - that rare ability to be completely present in the movement and the moment.  They flow from certain states of being that reflect the theatricality of the body. 

We strive only for truth in our movement language and to seek to communicate this truth to our audience.”

Karen Rose is a choreographer, dancer, director, actor, and teacher. Since receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Simon Fraser University, her work has taken her across Canada and Europe. Her most recent film, ‘Helenka’ has screened worldwide.  Ms. Rose has received many awards and grants, including The Canada Council,

The Saskatchewan Arts Board, and The Counseil des Arts et Lettres

du Quebec.  She is the director of Company Karen Rose.